Postpartum Doula

As a Postpartum Doula serving the Boston area, I offer: 

·       Newborn care and guidance
·       Lactation counseling
·       Grocery shopping
·       Cooking
·       Dishwashing
·       Laundry
·       Assistance with the care of older siblings 
·       Trash removal and recycling
·       Tidying the house
·       Errands
·       Other tasks may be agreed upon
My goal is to create a nurturing, restful atmosphere in which parents may eat, shower, nap, and recover from childbirth, surgery, or adjust to adoption.  I can offer guidance in skills such as reading baby’s cues, calming techniques, swaddling, baby wearing, bathing, cloth and disposable diapering, and elimination communication.  As your doula, I can provide breastfeeding support within the scope of an experienced Certified Lactation Counselor (such as correction of a painful latch, techniques to help with milk supply, breastfeeding twins, use of a breast pump and introducing bottles).  

To arrange an interview with me about using my postpartum doula services, email  

Please see my article for NPR about the role of postpartum doulas in reducing the incidence of postpartum depression: