Lactation Counselor

I am a Certified Lactation Counselor in private practice in the Boston area, and was previously a Breastfeeding Counselor at Boston Medical Center.  I see clients in their homes, or at my home office in Somerville, MA.

For an appointment at my soonest availability, please contact me at

Issues I help to address include:

  • nipple pain
  • difficulty latching
  • underproduction of milk
  • overproduction of milk
  • baby clamping down jaws
  • returning from exclusive pumping to feeding at the breast
  • weaning from nipple shield
  • bottle refusal
  • calming crying and wakeful babies
  • waking sleepy babies to nurse
  • breastfeeding twins
  • how to nurse lying down
  • how to nurse without pillows and Boppy-type products
  • how to express milk by hand
  • family sleep problems
  • producing milk for a premature baby in the NICU
  • change in milk supply upon returning to work or traveling